Big goals for 2020

Starting 18 Aug 2019 - Closing 31 Dec 2020

All of our initiatives, from obtaining and listing each rhino’s unique DNA to educating people to dispel the terrible myths surrounding rhino horn, come at great levels of investment.

The Boucher Legacy has big dreams and even bigger goals, but we cannot complete our work without you, our supporters who want to preserve this precious species as much as we do. During 2019 and 2020 we aim to raise R10 million through The Boucher Legacy. This money will be used to focus on our core pillars of rhino conservation and help us continue our journey to save the rhino, pangolin and other dwindling species from extinction at the hands of humans.

With your help, we can make a massive difference. Making a donation is simple, and will help us to make our impact felt. Support the Boucher Legacy, and be sure to share this cause with others who share our passion.



The Boucher Legacy is a registered NGO.

Business Address: PO Box 15815, Vlaeberg 8018, Cape Town

NGO number/Registration Number: 2012/180583/08